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Rice & Beans Plus Two Entrées


Entrées options are below

Make Your Own Combination Entrée options (Select 2):Taco Soft Taco Chile Relleno Enchilada Nacho Cheese Tostada Quesadilla Tostaguac Burrito Tamale Chimichanga Taco (Chicken) +$1Soft Taco (Chicken) +$1Enchilada (Chicken) +$1Quesadilla (Chicken) +$1Burrito (Chicken) +$1Chimichanga (Chicken) +$1
Combination Extras (Optional):Add Onion +$1Add Jalapeños +$1
Substitute Sauce for Cheese Dip:On Burrito +$1.50On Chimichanga +$1.50On Enchilada +$1.50
Add on to any Combo (Optional):Add a Salad +$2.95